Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.

– Robert Louis Stevenson

Since 2005, we help you own latest quality standards and become the benchmark in your industry

DSC is Born from a collaboration of experts sharing a common vision to spread knowledge with equity & purpose.

We offer a large panel of customized solutions & insights that are fully adapted to your business model, organization size & industry.


Operational Excellence

Wastes and defects lie within your processes that keep you away from operational excellence?

Our set of diagnostic tools & problem solving expertise can help you.


ISO Certifications

Winning contracts with top clients requires world class standards & certifications?

Our consultant are available to train, audit and deliver the ISO certification you need.


Risk Management

Full identification of risks and defining a mitigation plan is new to your organization?

See how our proven methodologies & experts can help navigate through uncertainties.


Company Creation & Development

Innovative ideas are not missing, yet you need support for launching the business, scaling your organization & following your customers’ growth?

Experienced in entrepreneurship & guiding owners towards growth, our consultants are available to lead you to success.


Project & Program Management

Prioritizing your projects and executing them with a controlled scope, budget, quality & timeline are a roadblock for your transformation success?

Discover how the international methodologies can be applied to your context.


Supply Chain Management

Modeling a just in time model for your supply chain would deliver a competitive advantage in your field?

Discover how we can help you stabilize your value chain.


IT & Digitalization Strategy

Time for your business to leverage the digitalization era?

Yet a clear transformation plan and knowledge on key technologies and their requirements are missing ?

Read more about our approach to make you benefit from current technologies.







Our consultants work across a wide range of industries, providing true global insights, network & benchmark.

Aerospace & Defense
Consumer Packaged Goods
Oil & Gas
Food & Beverages
Metals & Mining

"DSC helped us within a Complex and challenging environment, its work resilience has been a key strength to manage maintenance reengineering supply chain projects from Procure to Pay. The DSC consultant has been successful in influencing operations managers to adopt the retro planning purchasing digital tool and thus improve the On time Delivery."

H. Graziani

General Manager, Medical services AISOS

Ex Global Supply Chain Director, Bourbon.

"DSC left a lasting positive legacy in our program, truly a pleasure to work with. It knows how to get things done with a human touch. DSC consultant was instrumental in projects such as design-thinking workshop to reinvent the program strategy. Conviction, organization, sharp insight, team focus and reliability. It is the company to call. I would recommend it for your projects in operations management & business consulting."

S. Richez

Global MBA program Director, EDHEC


"Methodological and always keeping the focus on the goal to achieve. DSC strives to set a good working environment for all stakeholders which yields better results. DSC led various projects around the digitalisation of our services such as; MRP, forecasting, stock calculations, data analysis & reporting tools. The consultant conducted brainstorming workshops, aiming at delivering new services to internal & external clients, based on existing experience and acquired knowledge (start-up approach). I have no doubt that his future collaborations will be beneficial for all parties."

O. Boissézon

Information Systems & Data manager, Bourbon

"DSC was not familiar with the subject of the study, but in a very short time the consultant managed to learn and investigate the domain. Our exchange showed me that he had a real capability to “think outside of the box” and provide interesting information and point of view. DSC provided an intelligent synthesis of the information gathered and computed, presented and organized in such a way that the important facts were raised obviously."

S. Mathieu Blanc

Expert product Line manager Meteorology, Oceanography, Environment

Thales Alenia Space


"DSC successfully led an improvement project aiming at optimizing the lot size for the tube production in my departement, along with improving shipping performance in the EMEA region. Very analytical, efficient & structured, the consultant challenged the status quo and suggested feasible solutions for improvement. Based on his high perception, performance & motivation, I predict high success in his future challenges."

T. Lenz, 

Materials Manager, TE Raychem


"+10% in On-Time-Delivery performance, in one year. Being a strategic KPI at that time, DSC worked under high pressure to deliver this expected outcome. The consultant's ability to learn, convince & negotiate with honest leadership were key to succeed in this mission."

S. Lorbacher

Lean Manager, TE connectivity


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